Radical, traditional, original, archetypal…

Cindy Cox - composer

The music of Cindy Cox (b. 1961) is inspired by the natural world.  Her transparent and imaginative palette of special harmonies and colorations can be experienced in compositions such as the string quartet Patagón or the chamber piece Lift-up-over-sounding.

Her music, in my experience, is always buoyant, puckish, rhythmically alive and crisply engaging.

Joshua Kosman, San Francisco Chronicle

Columba aspexit: chamber works of Cindy Cox, CRI 886] Cindy Cox writes music that demonstrates an extremely refined and imaginative sense of instrumental color and texture… This is well-wrought, imaginative, and not easily classifiable music.

Robert Carl, Fanfare

Cindy Cox’s fascination with puzzles as well as her vast knowledge of other intellectual fields is apparent on this recording [Columba aspexit: Chamber works of Cindy Cox] of complexly designed chamber works from the late-‘90s. The music deals with perception, seeing themes from all angles both through structural elements (palindromes, reflections, combinatoriality), and personality, with movements named “spiky,” “cheeky and cheerful,” and “delicate, fragile.” The narrative drive of each piece couples with the formality to yield great depth of meaning and a playful appeal.

NewMusicBox American Music Center